A brave, frank, clean-hearted, courageous and aspiring youth is the only foundation on which the future nation can be built. - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA

Quintessential maverick is the only term which can define the role of a teacher in the life of students. A good teacher can leave an indelible mark in the mind of students for the life by giving something which is totally different from the league. We as teachers can change the future of children with conscious efforts that can contribute to glorify their life by showing them the path of empathy, love, devotion and sacrifice for humanity through value and ethics.

With changing pedagogy, teaching is set to touch new bench marks in redefining the role of teachers. As traditional educational system has drastically changed over to a new global outlook, every other day newer challenges keep seizing us to prove ourselves as good mentors who can give the best to our students.

Though new chapters of societal changes are opening up but somewhere we have to ensure that our values, traditions and cultural base has to be kept intact to keep our identities secured. Our Institution - Goodley Public School, stands exemplary in catering to such needs where human values are cultured for the sake of complete development of students. Here, the purpose of education is not confined to impose information rather it aims at bringing out the hidden talent which every child is blessed with.

Alongwith the use of contemporary technological approach, we are committed to build a strong foundation which equips the child to face challenges in life on every front be it physical, mental, emotional, social or spiritual. Keeping this approach in mind, our curriculum specially for Primary has been designed in a student friendly manner which has a play way approach to make the studies more interesting. For Middle and Senior Wings it is at par with the required norms.

To conclude, the School aims at the holistic development of students who can be creative, optimistic and selfless serving citizens of the nation.

Vice Principal
Mrs. Vibha Warraich

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