Green Philosophy @ Eco Club Chaitanya

Green is something that is very close to our hearts. GPS totally believes in sustainable habitat and tries to do its bit towards securing the environment for the future. As an educational institution, we feel it is our responsibility to sensitize these young minds towards nature and its importance. After all they only will carve the future of the environment.

There have been some very innovative approaches undertaken in building the facilities that are contributing hugely in terms of reducing the carbon foot prints. And what makes this even more interesting is the intelligent out of the box approaches like introducing an 'In school compost pit', 'Paper recycling unit' and many other activities so that the students reach out to influence, engage their parents and neighborhood communities to promote sound environmental behavior.

Dramatics Club

Dramatics is an extra-curricular activity for students. The purpose here is to make them learn about acting, play production, and stage work with utmost confidence.

Language Club

The English clubs is a part of a programme to promote learning of the language and provide opportunities for interaction between the learner and the teacher, which is vital for making learning of the language easier and enjoyable.

The importance being given to learning of English arises from the realization that it can provide greater scope for job opportunities within and outside the country and proficiency in English helps the child remain tuned to developments in all fields of knowledge.

Science Club

Science club channelizes the energy of students and makes use of their skills and talents, which satisfies their instincts and helps in their overall personality development. Science club works in association with classroom instructions of science subjects. Therefore, we can define science club as “an organization, which helps in the development of scientific attitude, and develop genuine interest in science and scientific activities, supplements the work of the classroom and the laboratory and parts the syllabus on a practical basis.

Reader’s Club

The club provides an enjoyable and easy way for children to develop many literacy skills, simply by reading books. The aim is to develop fluency with expression. In addition, the children learn new vocabulary words and are exposed to new ideas and concepts.

Techno Club

The club is an educational and fun group. The objective here is to make the students learn more about computers. The club explores both computer architecture and new application softwares. The mission is to promote computer programming and to expand the scope of computer knowledge within the school.

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