Junior Classes

The junior school curriculum is child center and activity based so that learning is made fun and enjoyable. Classes I to V have periodic assignments which are graded. Assessments for class I to V are purely based on grading system.

Middle Classes

A happy stimulating secure learning environment ensures happy, sensitive, life long learners who will be the change makers of the society.

At GPS, the middle school years (from classes 6 to 8) provide the foundation on which young learners build a promising and fulfilling future. This phrase successfully provides for the emotional, physical & social wellbeing of young minds who in turn will be self-aware, creative, empathetic listeners & effective communicators.

The classes as well as special assemblies offer ample opportunities to each child to go up on stage and showcase his/her talent while keeping in mind the intrinsic values of their august institution.

All the activities and program contribute towards nurturing 21st century learners who will be equipped to face the world of tomorrow.

The middle school at GPS provides a challenging and engaging curriculum in which every student develops into a well-grounded young adult.

Senior Classes

At senior school the young adults have their academic and extra curriculum skills to prepare for their journey into the world outside the protective environs of the school. Innovative and effective teaching methodologies are used by the teachers to focus on constantly changing educational pedagogy which enhances academic achievement. Apart from skill and knowledge, due attention is paid to inculcating values which will stand them in the stead of life.

Our unique system of instituting a class teacher’s interactive period every morning is to ensure that our students become sensitive and sensible citizens of the world. We are indeed proud that our senior students not only prove their mettle in academic arena but also distinguish themselves in the strength of character.

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