Greetings from Goodley,

This year marks the beginning of the journey of self-transformation & self-care for students as well as teachers. The students & teachers had set a goal at the beginning of the year. We will revisit & trace our progress at regular intervals. We plan and move closer every day.

The key mantra for our success is collaboration among students & teachers. Learning & sharing is our formulae for victory. We are ready to learn, enhance & upgrade our skills & talents. Further we commit to share our knowledge & insights with everyone who benefits from it. The shift is from a competitive spirit to our collaboration, learning & sharing with one another. This quality makes us one of the “Lead collaborator schools” under the “hubs of learning programme” which aims at ensuring quality education, adoption of innovative pedagogies, focus on skills, art & sports, capacity building of teachers & holistic development of children through life skill and value based education. Goodley Public School has been entrusted with the duty by CBSE to act as a mentor for five of the neighbouring schools & form a collaborative partnership between them & to create an ecosystem for the schools to effectively take up all round improvement. These schools shall be ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ of support, fresh ideas, resources, opportunities for student learning, opportunities of teacher learning & other joint activities. These schools through direct contact, students/teachers exchange program, video conferencing etc. will aim & attempt to introduce modern educational practices in both scholastic & co-scholastic areas.

Today throughout the world even after educating millions of young people we are not sure if they would be able to live a life rising above the evil violence, animosity or greed. Therefore it is important to prepare our children to be able to face the increasing pressure & stress on them which hampers their social & emotional well being. For the same purpose along with education it is important to teach them to take care of their mind so that it takes care of them throughout the day. They are taught to recharge by calming themselves with one minute deep breathing after each period. This helps them to remain in control of their roles & responsibilities.

The above steps are crucial in the direction of producing happy, mindful & confident children. I hope that by continuing these efforts we will be able to make the education system a medium for all round development of human kind.

I congratulate & wish all students, parents & teachers good luck for this journey of transformation.


Jasbir Bhatia

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